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NEW AUDIO: Eyedress - ‘When I’m Gone’ (feat. GEoRGiA)



Manila-based Eyedress entices GEoRGia to put her amazingly ghostly voice in his latest track. With spectral vocal modulations and a sound to say the least Crystal Castles-esque, the track brings together tribal rhythms, synthetic beats and trilling synths into a haunted track that better be played at this year’s Halloween parties. 

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Eyedress, the pseudonym for Manila-based musician and producer Idris Vicuña, has joined with rising supernova GEoRGiA for a new track called "When I’m Gone", and it’s the sound of ground breaking. Explosively creative, his imagination must never rest. He remains at work on his debut LP, due out sometime next year.

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"Do you think its possible
that some people
are born to give
more love
than they will ever
get back
in return?"
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Eyedress - When I’m Gone (Feat. GEoRGiA) (2014)

First song from a future album. Extraordinary. Everything i loved  in his music is still there, delicate, voluptuous, bittersweet and gorgeous. The idea of mixing vocals just add a shaded quality. Idris Vicuña stil makes me fully excited and avid to discover more as a listener a couple of years after I first heard of him.  

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